What is client management in project management?

A client project manager acts as an intermediary between the client and the project team. Their duty is to ensure that the customer's needs are met and, at the same time, to ensure that the project moves in the right direction. In addition, project management software with a customer portal helps keep clients informed about how projects are progressing and if they are going as expected. All of this made me think about my own creative agency and the differences between project management and client management.

This allows you to manage all project data on one platform and connect clients to help them keep up with project progress in real time, simply by adopting good project and client management software. Your approach to client management and agency success, which produces the best possible return on investment for the agency and the client, must begin immediately during client onboarding. Managing customers requires providing them with constant attention so that you fully understand their needs. The first part of managing your customers is making sure that your expectations are not only realistic, but that you can meet them.

Project management requires strategic thinking, careful planning, meticulous implementation and clear communication so that agencies can maintain the project's trajectory, achieve milestones, manage expectations, manage changes in scope, mitigate objections, and solve problems with effective way. So how can you find the perfect balance between customer involvement and perfect project execution without disrupting your team's daily workflow? You can do this by establishing clear customer engagement channels from the start. And when it comes time to close a project, Spaces also plays a vital role in managing customer expectations. By using project management software ideal for clients, such as ProProfs Project, you can include client summaries as a task description along with a task.

If you can better understand the problems that your customers regularly encounter, you'll also have an idea of how to solve them for your customer. Here are some client project management tips you can implement to improve customer relationships without trying too hard. This is because a good customer management process is one of the most powerful parts of any relationship with the trust of your customers. So, it makes sense for your customer management process to start with a way to figure out what those expectations actually are.

It handles all aspects of customer care, education and support throughout the project so that each client receives a consistent level of service.